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Articles + Interviews

Mara is a regular contributor to and recently collaborated with Saje

Articles for Saje

Cultivate True Self Care

We’ve all wrapped up a busy time of year—the holiday season—and now everybody’s talking about resolutions. Getting fit, cleaning out your closet, and starting a new routine are often where we choose to put our focus. But what about setting a resolution to increase our inner peace and opportunity for growth?

Six Ways to Find Stillness

Mara Branscombe has the kind of radiance that glows from the inside out. Recently, we connected with her about how true self-care starts with getting quiet, reflecting on our innermost desires, and allowing ourselves time to rest. Read Mara’s thoughts on cultivating the life of your dreams, starting with finding stillness.

Articles for Gaia

Your Mind on Pain: Healing Your Pain Through Mindfulness

Living in a state of constant physical pain due to illness or injury can be devastating and intolerable. The constant suffering becomes all-consuming and can bring forth the feeling of absolute despair and attachment to feeling this way forever. Lost in a sea of pain killers, constantly searching for help, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and the feeling of disconnection to self and others can become reality.

Toxic Thoughts Are Holding You Back From Your Mind-Body Connection

How often do you have negative thoughts? Have you ever wondered to what degree your life experiences affect how you think, perceive, feel, react, and respond? Do you notice that your behavior or your defense mechanisms become triggered by certain issues time and time again?

Shamanic Ritual: The Heart of Transformation

Historically, Shamanic ritual lives inside the heart of Indigenous cultures. Rituals, ranging from simple to complex, are a way to step out of the mundane of everyday life, to connect to spiritual life, and to lift the veil between the visible and the invisible realms. Ancient shamanic rituals have been practiced since the beginning of time. At their core, they aim to restore wholeness to individuals and communities, where a genuine reciprocity is formed between humanity, spirit and nature.

How to Hold a Four Directions Ceremony

Throughout history Native American, Peruvian, Mexican, Siberian, Celtic and Nordic people, to name a few, have practiced honoring the four directions as part of their culture’s connection to well-being, nature and spiritual harmony. 

Smudging Ceremony: An Invitation

A smudging ceremony is the ritual of burning plant resins and herbs in a shell or a clay bowl while intentions and prayers are called forth. For centuries, Native American and Indigenous cultures have practiced smudging rituals to clear away negative energy, to invite in peace and harmony for individuals or environments.

Article for Halfmoon Yoga

A Full Moon Ritual: Women Who Gather Under the Light of the Moon

Since the beginning of time, women have been gathering under the light of the moon to share stories and songs. There is something wildly sacred that happens when women attune to the rhythms of mother nature, and bring forward the power of the divine feminine.

Radio Interview with HealthHub

Practicing Self Care

Mara talks to Cathy Baise of the HealthHub on practicing self care. 

Evelyn’s Farm

A short dance filmed co-produced and co-created by Mara Branscombe, Katy Harris McLeod and Brian Johnson.