Corporate Wellness

Photo Credit: Christoph Prevost

For the past six years i have been collaborating with executive teams and corporate coaches to enhance leadership and personal development to transform the workplace.

Offering specific yoga, meditation and personal awareness exercises that reflect the unique needs of the company’s vision has been ground breaking and wildly successful.

Employee’s feel more open to one another, are able to communicate more effectively, and productivity and performance is increased.

Each company has different needs so we co-create the session targeting the currents needs of the workplace. The best success has been consistent practice sessions over a prolonged time.

Some of my past and continued clients include: Lululemon, Spence Diamonds, Moslon Canadian, and Inform Interiors.

We asked Mara to design a yoga session as part of a three-day gathering for our local (and several global) alumni. We like to introduce interesting or “alternative” modalities to our leadership participants, and Mara lead a session that was both approachable and illuminating. The yoga asanas set us up for the day feeling great physically, and her shamanic ceremony to close it left us feeling clear-headed and energized mentally. Working with Mara was a delight and she took all our feedback into consideration to create a session tailored to the learning goals of our program.”

– Jacinthe Koddo, THNK Vancouver’s Creative Leadership Program Manager



Yoga offers many physical & mental benefits including improved focus, reduced stress levels and greater ease in movement. It is an excellent practice to combat repetitive stress injuries or postural imbalances that occur from long periods of sitting at a desk/computer. Offering yoga at work is also an excellent way to highlight the importance of health within your company and boost employee moral.  Other benefits include: promotes teamwork, a way for staff to engage with each other, relationship building, instills playfulness in tense working environments.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Employees:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Reduces muscle tension and pain
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Improves memory, mental clarity and concentration
  • Improves posture, muscle tone and flexibility
  • Improves overall health, resulting in less sick-days and absences
  • Reduces back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Increases motivation and efficiency
  • Improves morale in the workplace

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Companies:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased health care premiums
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Higher job satisfaction amongst employees
  • More attractive to potential employees seeking employment with you


“I have loved working monthly with Mara over the past 6+ years!

I first invited her to open each session of a Leadership Development Program with the senior executive team at lululemon in a year long, monthly initiative, her work opened people up to ways of thinking and learning through movement in gentle and thoughtful ways that allowed for them to significantly open their thinking capacities! The result over the course of 3 consecutive years of work with the senior team was highly effective – with each leader learning far more than just learning concepts theoretically! By adding this element of yoga and meditation we provided alternative ways of learning concepts and ideas of leadership this allowed for people to blossom in new and authentic ways!

On the heels of this success I asked Mara to work with me in a similar way at Spence Diamonds with their Leadership Team over the next 3 years – the results where clearly evident again, most of the members of this leadership team have never practiced yoga or meditation before meeting Mara and we found the impact to be equally effective for their growth as leaders!

My experience of partnering with Mara was nothing short of ease, grace and highly effective – she made everything better and more amazing!”

– Rhoda Pitcher, Managing Partner, Rhoda M Pitcher Consulting

“It was an honor to have the opportunity to partner with Mara for the past 3 years. She created a space for us to deepen our connection with the development work our Spence Leadership team has taken on. She is a bright light, overflowing with joy, love and grace. Her yoga practice challenged our Leadership Team to explore new possibilities and push our physical and spiritual boundaries.  She was a true pleasure to collaborate with – I would not hesitate to recommend Mara.”

-Sean Jones, CEO Spence Diamonds

“I’ve had the pleasure of practicing and working with Mara for several years. She embodies what it means to be a lululemon ambassador and has been a fundamental teacher within the lululemon team. Her understanding of the yoga practice and calming presence allows her to connect with every student and support them on their yoga journey, whether it is a class of 1 or 1,000.”

-Lindsay Claydon, Lululemon Area Community Manager, Canada