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Wednesday & Saturdays: 10-11:30 at One Yoga for the People Vancouver

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Over the last two years i have had the honour to teach yoga to The Vancouver Canucks and The Vancouver Whitecaps. It has been an incredible learning opportunity for me teach these athletes how to get connected to their breath and what areas in the body to target. Both the Canucks and The Whitecaps really took to the practice- it allowed them relax their minds, while working on muscle repair and recovery. The players would practice either post game or post practice and many of them would communicate how relaxed and stretched out they felt. Some of the Canucks commented on how yoga would help them sleep after late night games.

Recent Studies have proven the potential for athletes to enhance his or her ability by adopting a consistent yoga practice by improving strength, balance, flexibility, and mental control. The ability to quell, quiet and control the mind is crucial for any athletes top performance.


“As the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for a professional hockey team, I have to help our players train to endure and progress during the tough NHL season. As part of our movement practice, we have used yoga to improve balance, core stability, functionality, breathing, and more importantly, recovery between games. We have used it not only with our veteran players in season, but also with our young, developing players throughout the off season. Mara is an excellent teacher, with an broad knowledge base, who has been a great fit for us. I would recommend her for anyone interesting in using yoga to improve performance.” –Roger Takahashi – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach – Vancouver Canucks


It has been such a privilege to work with Mara with some of our local professional athletes. Both the Vancouver Canucks and Whitecaps FC teams utilized Mara’s teachings for injury prevention, post-game stretching, and to better understand the power of their breath when connected to their movements. Because of Mara’s background as a gymnast, she so understands an athletes body and needs, and incorporates this into her class, and makes it so accessible, even to our first timers.      Michelle Davis- Lululemon



After completing my Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training, practicing throughout both of my pregnancies and giving birth twice, yoga and pregnancy are like medicine for any mama to be.

Learn how to safely practice yoga during your pregnancy, connect to your baby coming, and learn breathing/sound tools for birth.

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Make a contract with yourself…….”When Spirit Calls -You Answer, When You Call- Spirit Answers”

At my source i feel and have always felt a strong desire to bring out the light in others- to teach in ways that bring authenticity forth, to be embodied in truth and love, to set the unity of body, mind and heart into freedom.

Through this unity, obstacles in your body or mind will literally fall away and your light will be ignited in a new way each day. The influence and practice of Shamanism in my life has inspired my yoga practice and teachings into places unknown to me before, making the impossible possible. Shamanic Yoga reminds us that we create our own reality based on our experiences and insights. The essence of yoga is Samadhi (oneness) and the source of Shamanism is Fusion or “At One” with nature. The technology of yoga fused with the teachings of the shamanism brings forth a shift in perception, a means of ego dissolution, and a healing opportunity in that moment to let go and rewrite your personal history.


We can create this session together depending on your inquiries.

After teaching for a decade, i can offer insight into how to make a healthy, successful career as a yoga teacher.

For Private or Group Sessions in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Shamanic Yoga, Prenatal Yoga or Couples Birth Preparation, Teacher Mentorship, and Yoga For Athletes please send me a message me directly at