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Increase your capacity to live with joy, peace, abundance, radical self-love – even inside the chaos of daily life.

Do you feel burned out, dull, as if you are sleepwalking through life?

Are you numb, perhaps because too much has happened or because you are waiting for great happiness that never materializes?

Are you ready for a transformation from within?

In this online course, you will learn techniques to improve the quality of your life using breathwork, meditation, your daily mindset and rituals with Ritualist, Author and Teacher of over two decades Mara Branscombe.

This course includes powerful mindfulness and earth-based practices like meditation, mindful movement, mantra, reflection, ritual and intuition building techniques.

* You will receive a treasure trove of resources to take into your daily life and tools that will support you when it is most needed. Gain instant access to all practices upon purchase. *

Special Rate through Spring Equinox : $99 USD
price rises on March 21, 2024

Full Price: $130 USD 

Ritual as Remedy by Mara Branscombe
Ritual as Remedy by Mara Branscombe

Rituals of Rebirth
Wednesday, March 20th
4pm – 5:30pm PT/7pm – 8:30pm ET

A Spring Equinox Gathering
with Mara Branscombe + Michelle Cassandra Johnson

As the season turns, we invite you to gather with us for rituals focused on the sense of rebirth spring cultivates. Rituals of Rebirth is a workshop focused on honoring the energetics and frequencies of the rebirth of spring within and around us. This workshop is meant to move us into contemplation about the many cycles of rebirth we are moving through individually and collectively and how our lives can be altered and shifted by allowing rebirth to occur.

During this workshop, we will move through practices meant to acknowledge what has been germinating in the darkness of winter and what wants to bloom during spring and summer. The workshop will include embodied and contemplative practices such as asana, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and altar creation. This workshop will include an exploration of earth wisdom and medicine as the world comes alive in the season of spring.

The session will be recorded for those who cannot join us for the LIVE Zoom call.

Sliding Scale:
$25 Community Rate (discounted)
$35 Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$45 Supporter Rate (supports others as well as yourself)

Ritual as Remedy by Mara Branscombe
Ritual as Remedy by Mara Branscombe

Sage Huntress Lover Queen – Now Available Where Books Are Sold!

Access Your Power and Creativity Through Sacred Feminine Archetypes

by Mara Branscombe, Published by Findhorn Press

Journey through the archetypal wisdom of the divine feminine to gain a better understanding of your psyche, reclaim your essential self, and activate the life you desire.

• Discover the seven feminine archetypes that prevail in the modern psyche—Maiden, Mother, Sage, Huntress, Lover, Mystic, and Queen—and how each influences us

• Explore each archetype’s beneficial qualities, its connections to the physical-emotional-mental body, and its shadow aspects

• Engage in step-by-step creative practices, guided visualizations, mind-body rituals, and soulful poetry to help you embody each archetype and activate a life of fulfillment and happiness.

+++ Claim Your FREE Gifts from Mara once you Order the book!

You will receive :
1. Homecoming Meditation: A Journey on the Archetypes
2. Journal Prompts + Rituals on the 7 Female Archetypes
3. Poetry to help you connect with the Inner Mystic.

Ritual as Remedy by Mara Branscombe

Engage with the Female Archetypes with Mara on Wanderlust TV

4-part movement serie to activate intuition, cultivate inner power, embody true authenticity, and ignite radical self-love.

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Watch my TedTalk on How Meditation Makes Us Better Humans.

Ritual as Remedy

Embodied Practices for Soul Care

by Mara Branscombe, Published by Findhorn Press
+++ Audio book now available!

In this evocative and inspiring guide to ritual as healing balm for the psyche and soul, Mara Branscombe shares potent self-care and soul-care rituals that awaken freedom, joy, depth of spirit, and wild, untamed self-love.

Harnessing the power of imagery and poetry, she shows how ritual can serve as a way to ground yourself, invite in the new, let go of what needs to be shed, and tap into your own inner powers.

She explains how ritual invokes a unique magic that allows you to step outside of time and experience something beyond the mundane, connecting you to your inner mystic, the unseen realms, the sacred turning points in your life, and the truth of your soul’s calling.

Ritual as Remedy by Mara Branscombe

Accessible and profound wisdom in this book. This book is like having a great spiritual teacher by your side at all times. It is filled with inspiring readings and relevant practices for our modern day, full lives. I keep it nearby and continue to refer back to themes and practices based on what I’m moving through. I would highly recommend!

Cayley B

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Ritual as Remedy by Mara Branscombe

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