Engage with the Female Archetypes

New Classes on Wanderlust TV : Engage with the Female Archetypes 

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Based on Mara’s new book “Sage, Huntress, Lover, Queen: Access Your Power and Creativity through Sacred Female Archetypes” : this 4-part movement series was created to activate intuition, cultivate inner power, embody true authenticity, and ignite radical self-love.

Join Mara for four 30-40 minute yoga and meditation practices designed to ignite each of these sacred archetypes within you.


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What You Receive:

You’ll be able to practice my new Sacred Female Archetypes Series, as well as my Lunar Rhythms for the Seasons and Summer Solstice Series. Enter code upon signing up at wanderlust.tv/join-wltv, or use this link for the code to be automatically applied at checkout.