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With over 40 video’s to choose from: including prenatal yoga, hatha, vinyasa, shamanic yoga series, ayurveda yoga series, yoga nidra and meditation.

Enjoy practicing from home or anywhere in the world with Mara on and take advantage of the unlimited membership for access to all videos and instructors on the site.

New Meditation Series:

Reset Your Day Meditation

Take a pause today to reset your breath, body, and mind with this guided audio meditation. Observe your breath and welcome it to all parts of your body, inviting a sense of grounding and softening throughout.

Clear Your Mind Meditation

Ground down and release the clutter of the mind with this audio meditation. Focus on the breath and body for a few moments of deep relaxation to reset and clear the thoughts.

Your Body, Your Temple

A guided meditation to empower mothers and mothers-to-be to feel good, connected, and calm. Connect to your breath, calm your mind, and open to your body as a temple of healing and balance. Through visualizations and breath awareness we will bring attention to the seven energy centers (chakras) in the body to ignite creative energy and restore balance within.

Shamanic Compass Series:

The West – Yoga for the Courageous Yogi – Sun Salutation, Unique Warrior Sequencing, Twists, Breath work & Meditation

The theme for this practice is courage and strength. Drawing inspiration from the West & the Archetype of the Jaguar, the Jaguar teaches us about impeccability & wakes up the presence of the luminous Warrior and Warrior-ess that is alive inside each one of us. Get a sense of your past, present & future self in this practice as you stand courageous and strong on your path.

Ahimsa and Finding Peace

When we act or embody Ahmisa (non-harming) we emit harmonious vibrations, encouraging others to live peacefully alongside us. In this practice, support the gathering of your self care with meditation, mudra, mantra & a peaceful warrior sequence to open your shoulders, hips & backbody.

Harmonizing Citta – The Heart-Mind Field

Through awareness, breath and movement, we can choose to let go of the circumstances of our mind that limit us. The essence of this practice is to cultivate positive awareness from within and mental clarity as a pathway to illuminate our hearts and minds. This is a sweet, slow vinyasa practice with standing poses, hip openers and unique movement pathways.

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