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Mara is available for individual yoga and meditation sessions, corporate wellness programs, intuitive coaching, and private healing work.

MOON PHASES | Mara Branscombe
MOON PHASES | Mara Branscombe

40 Days of Awakening Soul Work

A New Offering for the New Year :
Mind-Body Transformations, Wisdom Practices
and Earth Based Rituals For Your Life
with Mara Branscombe

Spring Savings : Take $30 off until March 20th!

In this online course, you will learn techniques to improve the quality of your life using breathwork, meditation, your daily mindset and rituals. This course includes powerful mindfulness and earth-based practices like meditation, mindful movement, mantra, reflection, ritual and intuition building techniques.

What You Receive:
* You will receive a treasure trove of resources to take into your daily life and tools that will support you when it is most needed. Gain instant access to all practices upon purchase.

* You will receive a weekly reminder with a link to guided video and audio practices, ritual prompts, and additional resources including articles, PDFs and journal questions.

* Unlike other courses, this 40-day transformation journey is not about checking off tasks but inviting what you need most right now. You can see the content of the session as suggestions, and choose what you need – when you need it.

Thank you so much for your offerings and making them so accessible. Your teachings resonate so deeply, and the wisdom you share always ignites sparks of epiphanies and deep understanding of the human experience.

Flora Petri

MOON PHASES | Mara Branscombe

Full Moon Ritual (In-Person)

Saturday, February 24th
9am – 11am
The Church of Truth (Victoria, BC)
with Mara Branscombe & Emily Opal

Come as you are! All are welcome in this earth-based, yogic, and healing rhythms space. Celebrate the moon’s rejevenative powers, release what no longer serves, and attune to joy, love, and deep healing frequencies.

Mara will guide you through a ceremonial altar creation, an elemental moving meditation, and a shamanic dance journey to brighten your intutive capacity.

Emily will guide you through a reiki energy healing meditation, and restorative yoga postures with hands on touch to clear out stuckness and open you to your inner wisdom. Both Mara and Emily will offer rituals and techniques you can take home with you for transformative soul care and energetic hygiene.

Come create magic with us.

MOON PHASES | Mara Branscombe

Rituals of Rebirth 

A Spring Equinox Gathering
Wednesday, March 20th at 4pm PT/7pm ET
with Michelle C. Johnson and Mara Branscombe

As the season turns, we invite you to gather with us for rituals focused on the sense of rebirth spring cultivates. Rituals of Rebirth is a workshop focused on honoring the energetics and frequencies of the rebirth of spring within and around us. This workshop is meant to move us into contemplation about the many cycles of rebirth we are moving through individually and collectively and how our lives can be altered and shifted by allowing rebirth to occur.

During this workshop, we will move through practices meant to acknowledge what has been germinating in the darkness of winter and what wants to bloom during spring and summer. The workshop will include embodied and contemplative practices such as asana, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and altar creation. This workshop will include an exploration of earth wisdom and medicine as the world comes alive in the season of spring.

The session will be recorded for those who cannot join us for the LIVE Zoom call.

Sliding Scale:
$25 Community Rate (discounted)
$35 Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$45 Supporter Rate (supports others as well as yourself)

A Zoom link will be sent to you 48hrs in advance of the workshop.

MOON PHASES | Mara Branscombe

New Moon/Full Moon Events

New Moon Spirit Sessions

Sunday, March 10th at 9am PT

By donation $15-25 suggested donation

E-transfer to or PayPal (

Full Moon Spirit Sessions

Thursday, February 22nd at 10am PT

By donation $15-25 suggested donation

E-transfer to or PayPal (

Mara’s guidance into the full moon in Pisces was empowering and skill-building. As always, Mara generously gave so much of her energy towards ensuring we found tools that help us know and love ourselves in our daily life. I received so much wisdom from the session and look forward to the next!

Krisztina Mosdossy

Spirit Counsel Mentorship Program

A unique 6 week program designed to cultivate personal vision through the art and practice of breath, mindfulness, creativity, writing, shamanic practices, nature based learning, journey work and rituals to invite personal transformation in.  Learn how to recognize and release toxic thought patterns, and repetitive stories in your life.  Learn how to move through major life transitions with mindful, moving, and awakening practices to bring your personal visions and goals closer to your reality.  This program is open to anyone.  Many yoga teachers, healers, artists and those shifting careers have found this program to be life altering.

Cost: $888 for 6 Week Program, $150 for a Private Healing Session

Spirit Counsel Mentorship | Mara Branscombe
With Mara, you are in the presence of love and unconditional acceptance. I had planned on engaging in the mentorship program for some time before I actually reached out and committed. It was so worth it. I was felling so out of touch with myself on many levels. Following my first session, I noticed some pretty profound shifts….which is not usually my experience. Mara introduced me to simple daily practices that had a big impact. She seamlessly weaves skills and knowledge with her warm, caring, vibrant personality which is what makes her so authentically her.  One of the aspects I appreciated the most was that she met me where I was at; she took into account my hectic schedule, providing me with practices and sessions which I needed for where I was. And when I would lose touch with the practices and homework, she was validating, understanding, and used her creativity to figure out how to make the practice work for me in a way that I could do it. In addition to these practices, the other shamanic practices were incredibly powerful and healing. She is such a gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She truly helped me find my way back to myself. Although my mentorship is complete, I know I will continue working with her and I’m so excited about what the future holds in our work together.
Melissa Pickett

Today marks my last mentor session with Mara Branscombe. What a beautiful journey we did together. We both witnessed transformational work that happens when one is ready to shed down layers of the old/past and eagerly stepping into a new life chapter, shape shifting into a new version of reality. I am forever grateful for the container in which I felt safe, supported, listened to, and loved. I highly recommend her yoga classes, one of the best, her workshops, her retreats, her mentorship. Her everything.

Lotus Silk, Light Worker, Performance Artist

Mara is an extraordinary teacher and healer.  During our mentorship, she lovingly and gently held space for me and the process. Drawing on her diverse and deep wisdom she provided me with tools to take into my own experience and practice.  Since working with Mara my creativity and productivity is flourishing and I feel blessed to have more knowledge upon which to draw as I continue on my own path.  Simply put, Mara’s ability to elevate and move from a place of intuition in supporting those she works with is magic.

Jennie Bilteck