40 Days of Awakening Soul Work

A New Offering for the New Year :

Mind-Body Transformations, Wisdom Practices
and Earth Based Rituals For Your Life.

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Increase your capacity to live with joy, peace, abundance, radical self-love – even inside the chaos of daily life.

Do you feel burned out, dull, as if you are sleepwalking through life?

Are you numb, perhaps because too much has happened or because you are waiting for great happiness that never materializes?

Are you ready for a transformation from within?

In this online course, you will learn techniques to improve the quality of your life using breathwork, meditation, your daily mindset and rituals with Ritualist, Author and Teacher of over two decades Mara Branscombe.

This course includes powerful mindfulness and earth-based practices like meditation, mindful movement, mantra, reflection, ritual and intuition building techniques.

What You Receive:

* You will receive a treasure trove of resources to take into your daily life and tools that will support you when it is most needed. Gain instant access to all practices upon purchase.

* You will receive a weekly reminder with a link to guided video and audio practices, ritual prompts, and additional resources including articles, PDFs and journal questions.

* Unlike other courses, this 40-day transformation journey is not about checking off tasks but inviting what you need most right now. You can see the content of the session as suggestions, and choose what you need – when you need it. 

Session 1: Earth and Water | Calm Ground: Wisdom Exercises for Peace and Clarity
– Activate a daily meditation practice for self-love
– Introduction to the five elements
– Meditation to invite the energy of earth and water
– Daily soul care rituals
– Ritual to work with the power of the full moon
– Journal questions for wisdom and clarity

Session 2: Fire | Ignite your radiant core: activate your inner power and self-transformation
– Living from principles of yoga and shamanism
– Guided meditation to ignite your passion and willpower
– How toxic thoughts limit the connection between body and mind
– Choose (from) 3 new daily rituals based on the element of fire
– Reflection for inner strength and self-transformation

Session 3: Air | Honoring Expansion: Practice self-love and forgiveness
– Open yourself up to radical self-love and forgiveness using tapping techniques, a meditation and a breathing exercise
– Support your path with the help of crystals
– Intuition and gratitude exercises
– Be inspired by soul care rituals to connect with the element of air
– Reflection for self-love and forgiveness
– Guided meditation ‘The heart of the breath

Session 4: Ether | Divine Consciousness: Intuitive Wisdom and Clearing Negative Thoughts
– Awaken your intuition and release negative core beliefs
– Learn about the art of ceremony, and the steps to create one yourself
– Connect with the healing power of the forest
– Rituals to get in touch with your spirit guides
– Guided meditation ‘The perspective of your third eye’
– Reflection around your divine consciousness

– LIVE Class on Zoom plus Q&A (Embodied Movement with Mara) on January 28th at 10am PT. Recording Available if you cannot make it LIVE.
– Integrate the five elements with a guided meditation in movement
– Guided Yoga Nidra meditation

$130 USD full price (after March 21, 2024)

The online course is available immediately after payment via the access link in the confirmation email and via your account.
It’s time to start YOUR 40-day transformation journey

You Can Also Gift This Course To a Loved One! 

This past month I have put my soul care practice first, there is always room to go deeper and I will continue to do so. Being on this journey with you inspired me to return to myself everyday and with that I have been connected deeper with myself, I have been moving my body more than ever before, I have been creative writing, I have been in sacred space. Thank you for your guidance, you create new pathways for us.

Andrea Ware


A lovely month of commitment to meditation, breathing, journaling, writing prayer poems.  Each morning was truly a time of soul-care, a time for self-care, guided by Mara’s soft, soothing, calm voice. I never felt alone; a true collective movement.

Deborah Sesich

Being guided by your spiritual journey, has for me, been to awaken, illuminate and clarify that which is foreground for me at this time; a fruitful offering, unearthing my truth and allowing me to prepare the ground for when the wind blows I can harness its zephyrs which carry new life.  Now I know, that which before I didn’t know was known to me, so thank you.

Jenny Glithero