Summer Solstice and Lunar Musings | Mara Branscombe

As the Summer Solstice draws near, the sun begins its journey to reach its highest point of the year.

On June 21st, the longest day of the year comes to us. You too may feel the increase of solar energy in your body and your mind may be highly activated with ideas, projects, visions and dreams.

With the full moon in Sagittarius coming to us on June 17th, this is a potent time to re-vision and re-dream what you are calling in to manifest in your life.

This lunation brings us the lessons of faith, patience, self discipline and trusting in your own process.

Hold space to welcome in creative projects and allow yourself to become a channel of inspiration and good intentions. Remind yourself that “divine timing” is on your side, put your best actions and thoughts forward into the world and release the desire for short term gratification.  Stay in the flow of your larger dreams and trust your trajectory for the long term journey.

Feed your dreams my dear spirited ones!

In order to stay balanced in this cycle of full solar power, take time to consciously ground yourself by inviting the energies of both earth and sky to meet inside you. Sit with the sun’s fire warming your bones and allow yourself to receive this powerful transmission of light.  Feel no separation between your own expansion of light and the sun’s light pouring into you. Allow the energy of fire to transform aspects of yourself that are limiting and negative in nature.

Welcome in a broader, more expansive perspective regarding your life.  

Solar Mini-Upgrade:

Find time in the days leading up to solstice to get soft, connect to your breath and….

  1. Imagine your heart aglow and in full capacity to love and to be loved.  
  2. Visualize your mind like a clear blue sky with the sun energizing your thought patterns and your dream time.
  3. Ground your bones into mother earth and welcome in your spiritual understanding that you are supported. Repeat the following mantra 3 times:  “I am supported at this time.”
  4. TRUST in your journey and let the radiance of the Sun stream into you.

My Solstice Gift to You…

A meditation to support your grounding during this highly charged and expansive time:

Part 1 of my online “Navigate” meditation series. 

With Love,